About us

Air Transportation is a critical component of the infrastructure for any country and is essential for good economic growth.  In order to develop new Air Transportation Services and enhance the basics of the existing ones, in Puntland Airports as well as other Somali Airports such as Chisimaio International Airport, a group of Somali Airlines Veterans have established Sunrise Airports in 2013.

SAS focuses on two major types of ground handling procedures which are designated as either terminal (Landside) or Inside the Airport (Airside) operations.

Company Mission

We will deliver the promises our customers are expecting and our main functions will include but not limited to the following list of whole range of operations the ground handlers deal with and most common commercial flights expect of:

1)      Aircraft handling

2)      Cargo handling

3)      Travel Services

4)      In Flight Catering Services


Company Values, Safety & Security

1)      We put safety and security first in all our actions

2)      We require people to practise safe behaviours

3)      We will strive to set industry standards that will be admired by our customers

4)      We already contacted and will engage to achieve all certifications issued by the local and international aviation industry such as IATA, ICAO, EASA and FAA E.T.C.

5)      We shall ensure that our staff are fully trained the jobs they are performing as aviation professionals.

6)      Introduction of  Air transport knowledge and basic and advanced Training for the Local Somali staff as much as possible.



NAME OF THE COMPANY: Sunrise Airport Service Ltd. (PAS LTD)
MAIN BASE: Bender Qasin Airport (Bosaso)
ASSOCIATION: With all Puntland airport managements and Civil Aviation Authority as well as other Somali Airports subject to agreements as may be applicable.